"Creativity at its raw nature. The innocence behind a world full of chances that just wait that you decide to take them. 
The journey is ahead, just jump to the unknown" 

-The Fool

"You have decided to begin the journey, you have given the first step. The willpower to start, the willpower to shape reality around you, to shape your own life" 

-The Magus

"Embracing the mystic and rational side of woman, separated from raw emotion and vague knowledge opens the gate to comprehend and understand the true secrets of the world" 

-The High Priestess
"On the journey of self-discover, rationalism on its own is not enough in life, you need emotion, passion and being capable of enjoying pleasure free of prejudices. 
Embrace your emotions. Understand its nature"

-The Empress
"In the journey of life you need to follow the law -of nature, society, or even your own personal laws- otherwise Anarchy could destroy everything and everyone." 

-The Emperor
"To teach is to learn twice. To hold the keys of knowledge, to hold the secrets of life and pass them down to someone is one of the biggest joys in life" 
-The Hierophant
"The ideal love is both physical and emotional, when both worlds are combined the spiritual love arise and you can see God in the eyes of your partner. Is that kind of love you feel naked even with your cloth on" 

-The Lovers
"The most important battle you will face in your life is to conquer yourself, be patient enough to stop time, and be brave enough to be responsible of your actions. To conquer yourself" 

-The Chariot
"The most valuable strength does not come from the body, it comes from the mind, it is the one that helps us get through all the obstacles in life" 
"Like a canvas that is too close, you need to separate yourself from the world to understand it's nature, it's in this intimate process that the look for guidance emerges. This guidance can be someone else or even yourself" 

-The Hermit
"Why is that some born kings and some as beggars? Why is that some find death in their youth and others in the comfort of a hospital at elder age? That is the mystery of fortune, the ups and downs of life." 

-The Wheel of Fortune
"There are no lies that can hide in white. That is the house of honesty and transparency. So be aware that your actions are white, not in color, but in meaning. Be aware that your actions contemplate both your past and your future" 

"To keep your head above all the problems, to stay quiet during the storm ahead is one of the hardest and most valuable lessons in the journey of your life"

-The Hanged Man
"To have the appropriate answer to situations, to be calm, to balance both action and passiveness before doing something, to be moderate in the acts not by external influences, but because you respect your inner code of morality" 

"All our suffering in this life is an illusion, the idea of separation and attachments are just chains that you decide to carry with you, it's not an easy task to see past the façade but it's indeed a liberating thing" 

-The Devil
"To get past materialism and pessimistic thought, the frustration and the sudden destruction of everything you have achieve, and begin to realize that maybe the suffering and the lost you are experiencing is due to you own fault." 

-The Tower
"The calm that soothes the mind, the peace that rests the spirit, the hope that fuels the dreaming are but aspects of the Star"

-The Star
"The one that breaks the chains of the super ego is the one that gives shapes into images the energy behind the dreaming. The celebration of the id, the subconsciousness."

-The Moon
"Under the shine of the Sun, everything comes simple, clear. It shows us that the Garden of Eden never ceased to exist, that instead the paradise lives inside of us." 

-The Sun
"To grow as a human being means to make choices, hard choices. To be a better human being means to learn from your mistakes and to make choices that you haven´t done before" 

"If you can reconcilie all the parts of your life in the form of your subconsciousness, your concience and your unconscious, you will find the treasure behind the rainbow. You will find peace and with it, the end of the journey"
-The World

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