The Dreamtellers are dreams that awake their consciousness and took shape of their favorite types of dreams. Now they both feed and nurture the dreams of the World. Dream on.

"We tell you the most amazing stories, in all sizes and shapes, in all tunes and rhythms. We do not build, but inspire. Two brothers, two sides of the same coin, one deft and one blind, whispering to humanity since the day first man born.

-The Dreamtellers of Art

"It is my kin that guard your world from spirits. My kin, the descendants of long lost gods and goddesses, now reduced to pets. I am the one that tells them stories on their sleep. That make them remember the greatness of their past" 

-The Dreamteller of Cats

"Hush, little one. Don´t rush to the ground. Hush. Breath and feel the air in your face, feel the pounding on your chest. Ain´t it sweet? Hush i want to hear the song your heart sings while you fall in your sleep."

-The Dreamteller of DeathDreams

"I am not the veil itself,
But the one that lets you take a glimpse through it.
I am the gardener,
I plant the seed in your slumber,
And you harvest the fruits in your awake
Past, present and future are just points of view of the same thing." 

-The Dreamteller of Deja Vú

"I lift you up at nights and make you believe you can fly,
Is on my back that you travel to distant worlds.
I am the gatekeeper between time and space and is it at my command that the worlds open for you to gaze." 

-The Dreamteller of Journeys

"I visit you at night, and reap the seeds of desire you sow during day.
Let your façade for daily mortals and let me undress you from your moral chains."

-The Dreamteller of Lust

Close your eyes little mortal,
Breath in, breathe out,
Forget your body, 
forget your mind,
Breath in, breathe out,
Leave your ego on the mortal realm
Let me take you to the green side of dreams,
Come, lets drink from the flowers of the Elysium and dance to the tunes of the Universe 

-The Dreamteller of InnerPeace

"We wait.
In silence we watch,
In peace we hear your secrets,
And our skins are the canvas of true loves and broken promises.
We dream of freedom, we dream of our lost voices"

-The Dreamteller of Trees

"I am not creation, but creator. 
It is with my hands I build the worlds your fantasies take place. 
Open your mind and heart, take one step at a time and let the fun begin."

-The Dreamteller of Adventures

"I am the weaver of your fears, 
the sculptor of your nightmares. 
it is I who feeds on your screams 
and your agitated heartbeat is but music to me.
Look under your bed as much as you want and lock your door in any form you want. 
I will still come to kiss you goodnight."

-The Dreamteller of Nightmares

"It is extremely enjoyable how you grasp on this facade,
how you believe the tales i whisper you; 
the reconciliation of a lover, 
the promotion on a job,
the succeed of your career,
Not realizing I took the blueprints of this mirage, of this performance stage from your own unconsciousness,
from your own yearnings and wishes"

- The Dreamteller of Mirages

"Your wake, your slumber and your sleep are simply perspectives to me,
merely points of view.
Who commands your eyes must be closed for you to sleep?
Which law prevents me for whispering stories while you are awake?
while you drive, while you listen to your boring boss, or simply when reality is just too bored to withstand. 
I am the one which tales keep your sanity intact. Who let you dream awake"

-The Dreamteller of DayDreams

I know you miss me, i miss you too...
If I still have it, i would gladly trade my life for talking to you, to hug you for a second and play with your hair.
To tell you everything is going to be alright. 
I am alright do not worry for me, the afterlife is not so bad.
I still live, at least in your dreams.

-The Dreamteller of the Departed

I am the Keeper of The Veil,
the Sphinx on the Realm of Dreams.
No matter which of my family whispers its tales on your sleep,
it is me whom you visit first.
Solve my riddle and the light of the Faeries be yours during your timesleep.
Lose and you will be another mortal in the realm of dreams
This endless dance.
A revelation dance.

-The Dreamteller of Lucid Dreams

Wake, Rise, Move now!
You don’t need the sun to get up and dance!
Legs, arms, Heads up!
Move to the tunes of the dreaming parade!
Sun, Moon, Stars, Gaze!
Come to the gala of the mortals asleep! 

-The Dreamteller of Sleepwalkers

"I am the dot at the end of the sentence,
the last  of my kin you visit in dreams,
the oblivion, the erasure.
The one that turns to white your memories about our world."

-The Dreamteller of Oblivion

"I just wanted to play,
to tell stories like the rest of my family do.
But it always ends the same,
I alone and you... Well, lets say you are not happy with my stories"

-The Dreamteller of Sleep Paralysis

The story of the world is inspired by my stories.
My voice brings blood and tears when the sun goes up,
It is I that nurture the dreams of scared childrens.
Childrens dressed as kings, queens, presidents, leaders,
Childrens that only know fear, childrens that only answer is violence and war.

-The Dreamteller of War

I am the first, the origin. Mother Dream.
When the first of the creation felt asleep I was lured to it. Inevitable, seductive.
I didn’t have a purpose.
I was a Roamer that have stared the dying and birth of stars before anyone could see them. I was a Vagabond, a traveler with no home. 
But when the creature slept the Dreamworld spawned. And I found home. A chaotic land.
And so I whispered it my first story, and with it the first dream existed.
I was alone, but more and more creatures begin to visit my new home, they spread like a wildfire, untamable. 
So I decided to gave birth to my childrens, so no creature were alone in the night. To give them hope, to give them Dreams. With a flutter of wings I created life, an aspect of my soul. Each of them took the feather which gave birth to them as a sign of gratitude, but also a reminder of purpose.
The sygil of my house is now called the dream catcher. But it’s true meaning has been lost. It’s not a repeler of bad dreams. It is a door for my children’s to open.

See you in dreams 

- Mother Dream

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