These are Bianca, Lizzie and Philippo (the cat), this commission was a very special one because it was for a person that has follow my work for many time and also all of this little ones had sadly past away.
Everyone of them had a little story behind. Bianca (11)  was a very lazy basset hound that slept a lot and was known as "the vacuum cleaner" she clean all the food that touch the ground in seconds. 
Lizzie (3) on the other hand was a very active basset hound, she never said no to a roadtrip and was a professional in the art of stealing food.
Philippo the cat, it was the double of Garfield in real life, he loved to eat, and as soon as he finished his food he eated Bianca´s. He sometimes hided himself in the car where he ended with oil stains on his little head.
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