I was asked to do a promo image to the band "Almanssur", you can check their music here: https://soundcloud.com/almanssur so after a long meeting with the lead singer and bass player, i came up with the following idea:
Almanssur. 2015
The band describe itself as a changing living being, a being that can´t stand a genre or a regular shape for too long, thats why they have songs that can be labeled as Rockabilly, and then they can swith into something more soft.
That´s where the main concept showed up, we decided to go for "the trickster" concept, that being that can adapt to many shapes and forms and sometime be mischeivous or helpful. In that way every head of the final ilustration is a possible way of shaping for the trickster.
Rough sketch of the idea of the trickster + search of styling
After asking of every personality of the members in the band, each one of them was extermely different, that gave me the idea of drawing each one of them in a unique pose + style that could manifestate their personality. Some of them were more introspective, analytic while others were much more expressive and joyful.
And here is the final piece:
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